The Photographer

Sophia Hyde

Do you believe we are all here for a purpose? That everything happens for a reason? I do. Since I was a little girl I have had a fascination with photography. It was a hobby while growing up, from being the annoying friend always taking pictures to the yearbook staff photographer. I went to work for a magazine in college and started investing in my own gear. Before I knew it I was being paid to shoot and by the age of 24 I was supporting myself full time and had quit my job.

Life as an entrepreneur has been a bit of a whirlwind, but the freedom it brings is priceless. I spend my days meeting the most amazing people, listening to their stories, and searching for a way to capture that beauty in the art of still photography.

When I am behind my camera at a wedding I am at the highest levels of happiness I have ever experienced. I leave most weddings with my cheeks soar from smiling as much as the bride. It is an incredible honor, one which I do not take lightly, to be with a couple on such an important day.

On the days when I am not behind a camera I am most likely chasing around my toddler, having coffee with a new friend, making my own kombucha and kale chips, or relaxing with my family. I have been married to a brilliantly talented cinematographer, Brandon Hyde since we were in college. Marriage is something that is very sacred and special to me as Brandon and I have fought to keep our relationship a top priority in our lives for over ten years together.

My favorite couples to work with are those that beam with joy when they’re together. When they tell me “we are more concerned with our marriage, than our wedding,” I know we are a perfect fit. I know some photographers specialize in a style, but for me, it’s an emotion. Whether it’s a backyard wedding with 20 people, the Ringling Museum of Fine Arts in Sarasota, or a barn, I just want love. Call me cheesy, that’s perfectly fine. I crave those raw emotions, laughter and smiles that come from two people having the time of their lives with the people most near and dear to them. I consider it the highest honor to be present in those special moments and to preserve those memories for a lifetime with my art.

Why the name?

To us, RisingSky is synonymous with eternal optimism. We believe that as long as we keep working towards our dreams, we are destined for a path constantly progressing forward. Even if we may face obstacles and challenges, our eyes will always remain looking above.

Mission Statement

“To capture moments that portray the beauty of life.”