Once in a while you run across a couple that is way too quirky to try and squeeze them into a traditional box. Brandon is going to be a groomsman in the upcoming wedding of Angelo & Kristen. Since we know and love this couple so much, I’m allowed to inform you they are really dorky (which is why we’re friends with them, because we’re absolute dorks ourselves). So when we started talking about an engagement session, we had to find a way to blend together these two unique personalities in still photography. It wasn’t enough….so we turned still photography into a time lapse for your viewing pleasure.

Kristen is an absolutely adorable, classic sweetheart. She is a simple girl at heart with an incredible sense of humor. In a room filled with people, she’s typically the fly on the wall watching everyone enjoy themselves and smiling the whole time.

And then there’s Angelo, the comic-book-loving comedian who is always, without fail, the center of attention in a room. And it’s not that he’s even trying to be. He just has such a witty humor that his one-liners added onto the end of every story leave everyone’s abs sore by the end of the night.

As the photographer, I wanted a photoshoot that would incorporate pretty, simple shots that fit Kristen’s classic style. However, not at the expense of leaving out Angelo’s passionate second love of super heroes and villains. The result…what you see below. I even through a couple comic book inspired “strips” into the blog post.

Often times when doing an engagement session, I have to help the couple feel a little more comfortable on camera by giving them different ideas of how to interact so I can try and catch more natural facial expressions and lose the stiffness. With these two, the experience was the exact opposite. When given instructions, they got awkward and stiff. When I just stepped back as an observer through my lens and let them loose, I was able to capture the real heart of the relationship. Laughter.

Not gonna lie….this session was an absolute blast to shoot.

Let’s begin with an adorable little time lapse video we put together to have some fun with Angelo’s toy box.